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WordPress on Heroku behind a reverse proxy

I’ve just been setting up the blog for Big5 Boutique I thought I’d share the useful sources of info  I found to do this: http://rywalker.com/setting-up-a-wordpress-blog-on-heroku-as-a-subdirectory-of-a-rails-app-also-hosted-on-heroku http://www.xyu.io/2013/07/20-million-hits-a-day-with-wordpress-for-free/ I set up the WordPress blog under the /blog/ subdirectory of the main Rails app … Continue reading

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Getting started with integration testing ember.js using ember-testing and qunit-rails

Ember-testing is a recent addition to the Ember.js framework that allows you to create integration tests for your app using a custom DSL for interacting with your async Ember.js app. We’re going to walk through how to write integration tests … Continue reading

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